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Tufi Resort offers a wide variety of diving experiences. These include diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C are consistent all year round.

When scuba diving the fjords, experience the unique macro world and if in for a wreck dive you can check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. Day or night you will find at the Tufi Wharf and fjords a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish, pigmy seahorse and a plethora of other fascinating creatures. A wonderful array of sponges and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fiord presents a truly different diving environment.


Tufi is PNGs best dive resort. For your convenience, we’ve tailored a range of dive and stay packages, full of inclusions. Great value for 5 to 10 night packages.

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Tufi was an active WWII port. A range of wreck diving experiences available, including a US Bomber, PT Boats and more. Advanced cert required.

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The term ‘muck diving’ originated in Papua New Guinea. Tufi offers excellent muck diving beneath the resort jetty, a 3 minute walk from the resort.

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Tufi Reefs are amazing! 5-10 nautical miles offshore, 30m visibility year round and constant water temperatures of 26-29 degrees Celsius.

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